National Level Advisory

National Level Advisory

We provide governments with advisory and strategic guidance that ensures that low income consumers of financial services can acquire relevant, affordable and safe products.

Meraki Africa partners with various subject matter experts to develop tools such as consumer protection guidelines that safeguard users of financial consumers against risks such as fraud and cybersecurity or the lack of complaints and recourse mechanisms

Select areas Meraki Africa has been involved in:

  • Microfinance strategy development

Microfinance sector is regarded as a key player in supporting the low income class against poverty, enhancing women empowerment and development of small and micro enterprises in emerging economies. Governments have been initiating different measures and policies to ensure financial systems play efficient roles to boost economy and strengthen investment environment in respective countries


  • Consumer protection directives for digital finance services

Financial technology (Fintech) is changing the competitive landscape in the financial sector with service delivery hinged on convenience, increased access to services by consumers and reduced costs to financial institutions. Fintech accelerates and deepens financial inclusion while improving level of efficiency of the financial sector. Fintech has fueled a proliferation of different service providers including the traditional banking institutions, telecommunication companies and fintech companies leveraging on mobile money. Because of this technology’s rapid growth, adapting policy and regulation has been slow. This has exposed consumers to unethical practices characterized by disputes. Fintech services regulation safeguards the sectors integrity and provides an environment that promotes healthy competition, transparency and confidence by stakeholders

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