Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Meraki Africa assists financial institutions reach their business goals and remain competitive in their industry by defining how they can improve their performance in light of prevailing conditions.

We develop strategic business plans, deposit mobilisation strategies, marketing strategies, risk management and delinquency management strategies for financial institutions in Africa. 

  • Deposit mobilization

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) have relied on donor funds, government subsidies as well as credit to finance their operations. Transitioning from credit only MFIs to microfinance banks licensed to mobilize savings facilitates a less costly source of funds. Deposit mobilization is however a new concept to such institutions and while the microfinance bank transition process is costly, anticipated gains through rate of deposit mobilization might be slow. A deposit mobilization strategy built around institution’s strengths will provide for mitigants against anticipated bottlenecks


  • Strategic planning

Institutions periodically review their strategic plans in light of prevailing conditions and the institution’s goals. This process assesses the institution’s goals and objectives, available resources and establishes a documented process through which these resources are employed towards realization of these goals. As implementers, the employees also need periodic alignment of their understanding of the organization’s objectives to the actual organizational strategy which can be delivered through refresher and training sessions

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